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TVNZ's 1 HOMEmade is now in its second season and has been pushed out to an hour episode! This exciting series follows three experts, interior designer Melissa Greenough, builder Dion South and landscaper Dan Mackay as they surprise kiwi families whose home and garden is in need of major improvement!  Each week they will renovate one room and one area of the garden over 48 hours! The families will have no idea what areas the experts will choose - which will make for some exciting and perhaps emotional reveals! 

This year, Kitchen Mania are proud to be sponsoring HOMEmade and renovating the heart of the home! We're excited to see the developments of the season and bring you our expert advice on all things kitchen!!

The series runs on Thursday evenings at 7:30pm from the 18th October and Saturday afternoons at 2pm from October 20th on TVNZ 1 - Don't miss it!