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When sifting through photos to add to our brand spanking new website, we came across these absolute gems!!!

These photos were taken back in 2009 when Kitchen Mania was in its infancy.. LOOK. HOW. FAR. WE’VE. COME!

My Office 2009

We’re proud to say our GM now has his own office – fit for purpose and we’ve upgraded the dinosaurs that were sitting on his original desk!

In 2009 we had 4 team members spread over our wall-less 120sqm office space and one man in our giant factory! It was clear from day 1 that the kitchen needed a complete overhaul, but surprisingly this didn't come until many years later...


We were pretty proud of our first 'KITHEN'.... we even made a billboard about it. Whoever was in charge of this quality marketing should probably stick to their day job... kitchens are what we do best.

First Billboard 2009

 This is what the production of that first kitchen looked like.... we've got a few more machines these days!!

First Kitchen 2009

We now have a whopping team of 45 and we’re turning out hundreds of kitchens a year!!

We’ve kept up with changes in technology and we’re at the forefront of kitchen design.

Although we’ve come this far, some things have stayed the same. Kitchen Mania was built from the ground up on a strong set of values. We're passionate about Kitchens and we're proud of our work.