3D photo realistic renders of your future kitchen

20 December 2018

Have you ever wondered how you'll possibly be able to visualise your new kitchen design in your home? How you'll ever be able to choose what colours work together from small sample swatches? We'll help you with that!

At Kitchen Mania we use state of the art design software and can provide you with photo realistic 3D renders of your future kitchen to help with those big decisions!

This helped immensely in the design phase of the kitchens for Episode 1 and 10 of HOMEmade. Mark and Melissa were able to work together to come up with the best design and colour scheme for each kitchen before pushing 'go' on the production of these two stunning kitchens. 

David and Tammy's Kitchen: Episode 1 Render vs finished product

HOMEmade Massey Kitchen V1 Splashback 1b

Kitchen After webres3

HOMEmade Massey Kitchen V1 Splashback 2b


Kitchen corner after webres2

Michelle and Jeremy's Kitchen: Episode 10 Render vs finished product

Episode10 1

HM EP10 KitchenBench After WEBRES3

Episode10 4

HM EP10 Kitchen After WEBRES2

HM EP10 KitchenSink After WEBRES2

Episode10 3